Hi Asad, Usama here, student of FAST. I am just wandering if there are some servers where I can host Node.JS websites, I know about some like AppFog but want to start things with a real domain and good hosting. So just need your recommendations :) I really appreciate your work.


I use Heroku. Highly recommend it for both free and paid uses.

You can also buy your own VM instance and host it there. 

Hey great stuff you're doing with the water simulation! Thanks for sharing! I found your post while searching for some 2d water simulation examples/methods. I noticed in your water simulation post that you mentioned, "Apologies for not publishing the code, will do once I clean it up." I was wondering if you ever shared the source code? Because I've checked your posts, and your git hub but I haven't found anywhere where you shared the source.If not, can you please share it?


Done. Check my Github :)

High Performance Mobile Game Development in HTML5


Sometime ago, I had to make a decision on development language / framework for a cross platform mobile game. I had to at the very least support Apple iOS and Android. I already had worked with Cocos2d-x so I could have gone that path. But I wanted to use HTML5 as this was a personal project and there was nobody to stop me.

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